Pithreads; A C++ Threads and Synchronization Library
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21 May 2018 19:19 EST

What Are PiThreads:

PiThreads is a C++ threads and synchronization library that provides portable wrappers between Win32 and POSIX compliant systems. The objects currently included consist of a thread object, a mutex object, an event object, and a binary/counting semaphore object.


  •  10/25/02 A sample Win32 (Visual Studio .NET) project has been added into V0.01pre, check downloads, the complementing POSIX project will be online in the next day or so. -epn
  •  10/01/02 The shared memory template and mutex objects have been removed from V0.01pre. Problems with the named mutex as well as the POSIX side of the shared memory template mandated this. They will both be included in the next release which will hopefully occur before the end of October. -epn
  •  09/05/02 Preliminary Users guide is now on-line. -epn
  •  09/01/02 PiThreads V0.01pre has been released, check downloads. -epn
  •  08/21/02 The process of moving PiThreads onto Sourceforge has just begun. That process along with the updating of this website will take a bit of time. I am hoping to have it complete and up to date by 10/27/02. -epn

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